Candy and Kiss

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BL live adaptation of the manga ‘Ame to Kiss’

Maeda Taiki works in a clothing store in Tokyo. He is a shy boy who has no confidence in himself and believes he is ugly. Yagii Haruhisa is the manager of the shopping center where Maeda works; he is handsome, kind, and popular with everyone. Maeda is secretly in love with Yagii, but he doesn’t have any hope that his crush will ever notice him. However, one day at a party, Yagii kisses Maeda, much the later’s surprise. Maeda’s dreams seem to be becoming true as Yagii confess his love for him and soon they began a relationship. Despite loving each other, their happiness is short-lived since Yagii is transferred to another branch in Osaka. The distance, Maeda’s anxiety and jealousy, as well his lack of confidence, threaten to destroy his relationship with Yagii forever.

Alt. title: 飴とキス, Candy & Kiss , Ame to Kisu

Director: –

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese

Subtitle: English

Cast: Yu Yoshioka, Takuya Kishimoto

Duration: 1h 20 min.

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