Coming Out

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Yo is a gay university student who keeps his sexuality a secret. Yo has feelings for Noboru, who hangs out within his group. The only place Yo can be himself is at the bar “Bb.” One day Noboru decides to quit school and move to US to study acting. What will happen to their relationship ?

Alt. title: カミングアウト, Kamingu Auto, Kaminguauto

Director: Inudo Kazutoshi

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese

Subtitle: English

Cast: Takahashi Naoto, Okamura Yuu, Natsuo

Duration: 1h 39 min.

  • Candy and Kiss

    Candy and Kiss

    Spread the love BL live adaptation of the manga ‘Ame to Kiss’ Maeda Taiki works in a clothing store in Tokyo. He is a shy boy who has no confidence in himself and believes he is ugly. Yagii Haruhisa is the manager of the shopping center where Maeda works; he is handsome, kind, and popular…

  • Tight-rope OVA

    Tight-rope OVA

    Spread the love Tightrope tells the tale of the reluctant heir of a yakuza family and his childhood friend, and follows their love relationship that started budding in their school days and keeps developing slowly but surely. Spoken Languages: Japanese Subtitles: English Facebook Comments

  • Given: The Movie (2020)

    Given: The Movie (2020)

    Spread the love “Eiga Given” is a 2020 Japanese animated movie directed by Hikaru Yamaguchi and based on the manga series of the same name by Natsuki Kizu. The movie follows the story of four high school students who form a band called “Given” and explores their relationships with each other as they work to…

  • Favoritism of the God

    Favoritism of the God

    Spread the love Adapted from the manga Kamisama no Ekohiiki. To gain the confidence to confess to his crush, Yashiro visits a secluded shrine for 100 days straight. This earns him the attention of the enshrined deity and his chihuahua attendant Ukon who follow Yashiro on the 100th day to see how the confession turns out.…

  • Love Stage

    Love Stage

    Spread the love Izumi was born in a family of celebrities. His father is a singer, his mother an artist, his older brother the lead vocalist for the popular band Crashers. Izumi himself, however, is just a nerdy college student. He loves the manga “Magical Girl Lala Lulu” and dreams of becoming a manga writer…

  • SIX LOVERS OVA Collection

    SIX LOVERS OVA Collection

    Spread the love Filed Under: Video Language: English, Japanese Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi Tagged With: Animal Characteristic, Anime/ Animation, Monchi Kaori, NATSUME Isaku/ Chekera! (139), OGERETSU Tanaka, SAKYO Aya/ UKYOU Ayane/ SAKYOU Aya, SHIMIZU Yuki, TAKARAI Rihito, Ze (SHIMIZU Yuki) Facebook Comments

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