Life ~ Love on the Line (Director’s Cut)

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Adapted from manga Life Senjou no Bokura

One day after school, the serious Ito and the child-like Nishi meet by chance, as each endeavors to remain walking on the sidewalk`s white line. As time goes by, Ito recognizes he is drawn to Nishi in a way that is new to him. Nishi, for his part, is frustrated that they only get to meet on the sidewalk. Ito decides to act upon his feelings and kisses a surprised Nishi, who agrees they need to walk side by side for a change. The sparks between them are undeniable as their relationship blossoms in high school, survives the college years, and matures into adulthood. A deeply moving work that bears witness to loving partners, whose unchanging feelings must co-exist within a world of changing realities.

Alt. title: Life 線上の僕ら ディレクターズカット版
Life on the Line , Life~Love on the Line , Life: Love on the Line , Life: Happiness Depends on Ourselves , Life Is What We Make of It , Life ~ Love on the Line , Life Senjou no Bokura: Director’s Cut

Cast: Shirasu Jin, Raiku

Country: Japan

Subtitle: English, Portuguese

Episodes: 1

Aired: Dec 23, 2020

Duration: 1 hr. 53 min.

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