Uncontrolled Love Part 1 & 2

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A young Shu Nian is a lonely kid who is living in an orphanage, where he hopes to find a good family that loves him. This is when Xie Yan, the son of a real estate magnate, adopts him. The latter is two years older than Shu Nian. Twenty years later, Xie Yan returns home from London after spending six years abroad and is reunited with Shu Nian. Shu Nian bumps into Ke Luo, who is also adopted from an orphanage and is a 20% shareholder of Ke’s Holdings. Both Shu Nian and Ke Luo become close; Shu Nian treats Ke Luo as his little brother. On the other hand, Jiang Yao, a ruthless and crafty girlfriend of Xie Yan starts to plot her revenge against Shu Nian after Xie Yan dumps her, as Jiang Yao found out a secret that involves a box full of photos of Xie Yan. Xie Yan is homophobic and doesn’t know that Shu Nian is gay, and to make matters worse, Shu Nian falls for Xie Yan, and Xie Yan manages to find out and asks him to leave. Soon after Xie Yan realizes that Shu Nian is the only one who can help to cool off his hot temperedness and gradually has a different feeling about him.

Continued from part 1, both Xie Yan and Shu Nian were still unable to deal with their feelings for each other, but Xie Yan realizes that Shu Nian is the one for him, but Shu Nian continues to hide from Xie Yan. Meanwhile, Ke Luo created a ruckus in the company’s dinner organized by Xie’s Holdings, but is saved by Shu Nian for the second time. Xie Yan is then sent overseas for a project, and Shu Nian and Ke Luo gets closer after celebrating Ke Luo’s birthday. Eventually, Ke Luo confessed his feelings to Shu Nian, who will soon be away to study, but the latter’s heart is still with Xie Yan. Xie Yan later breaks up with Jiang Yao, and Xie Yan’s mind confusion has an impact on his future fiance, Xia Jun. Xia Jun uses her crafty ideas to get to Xie Yan, but later Xie Yan tells Xia Jun that he has already gotten a new love and that the person is Shu Nian. Soon, Jiang Yao who is unable to deal with the breaking up with Xie Yan, engages some men to rape Shu Nian, but Xie Yan saves him. Later Xia Jun contracts food poisoning and is sent to hospital. Shu Nian is later fired by Xie Yan’s father, after confessing to Xie Yan that he was the one who poisoned her. In the end, the medical report is produced, showing that Xia Jun’s food poisoning is due to the three cups of mocha that she had drunk hours before she was about to meet Shu Nian. Devastated that his father has sent Shu Nian away, Xie Yan’s relationship with his father sours, particularly since the older Xie already knew about the relationship between Xie Yan and Shu Nian.

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