Farewell My Ghost Boyfriend

Alt. title: Hứa sẽ hạnh phúc nhé

Farewell My Ghost Boyfriend is a story about Trung, who has a vow of silence. Trung though that his cruel words is the cause of the death of his boyfriend, Mạnh. That makes his life sank to sadness and loneliness. Being a ghost, Mạnh don’t want to see his boyfriend live like this. He started a plan to let Trung fall in love with another boy, Hiếu. And then the story begin…

Producer – Screenwriter – Editor – Director: Lukas Tuyết Tùng

Cast: Tuấn Anh, Sơn Nguyễn, Minh Thiện, Phi Hà, Hoàng Văn, Quang Nguyễn

Language: Vietnamese

Subtitle: English

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