Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka

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“Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka” is a Japanese romantic comedy film released in 2018. The title roughly translates to “Between Yes and No.” The movie follows the story of Michi, a high school student who finds herself caught between two potential love interests: a classmate named Taro and her childhood friend, Kota.

Overall, the movie is an enjoyable watch with a charming and lighthearted tone. The performances of the actors, especially the three main leads, are strong and endearing. The film explores the themes of friendship, first love, and the difficulty of decision-making during adolescence.

One of the strengths of the film is its ability to balance comedic and dramatic moments, creating a well-rounded and engaging story. However, some viewers may find the plot predictable, as it follows the typical tropes of a romantic comedy.

In summary, “Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka” is a fun and heartwarming movie that will appeal to fans of the genre.

Kunieda Kei is the up-and-coming Prince Charming of the evening news. Inside, he’s the opposite: brash, hot-tempered, and prickly as can be. For years, Kei has successfully juggled his private and professional personas—until a chance meeting with a stop motion animator threatens to bring it all crashing down. But is that really as frightening as the possibility that someone might love and accept both sides of who he is?

Also known as: Yes, No or Maybe Half?, Yes, No or Maybe?

This is a movie adaptation of the novel Yes ka, No ka, Hanbun ka? by Michi Ichiho, illustrated by Lala Takemiya

Aired: Dec 11, 2020

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